December Monthly Special- December 1-31, 2010-Hypo Gestaid

Are your clients dealing with bloating, gas, the “lump in the stomach” feeling? Wondering how to approach the problem?

Hypo Gestaid may be just what you’re looking for. It utilizes our two-phase tableting technology to help provide that extra support that individuals with digestive issues often need.

Phase one is the stomach phase of the tablet containing the betaine HCL and Glutamic HCL, pepsin, gentian root, ginger root, bromelain, papain, and dessicated stomach. Phase two is the duodenal phase which is where the pancreatin, amylase, pancrelipase, ox bile extract and dessicated duodenum support are delivered. Proper support for digestion can have many benefits in both the long and short terms since complete digestion of the food we eat is critical to proper nutrient absorption and utilization. If you think that some of your clients may need additional digestive support (see our technical bulletin on Hypo Gestaid for more information) now”s your chance to try it at a discount.

For the entire month of December (a BIG eating month!) we are offering Hypo Gestaid at a 10% discount. If ordering online use the coupon code “HG1.” If you order by phone we will take the discount automatically.