Rocky Fork Formulas, IncRocky Fork Formulas, Inc. is dedicated to providing health-care professionals with the highest quality supplements at the best possible price. We provide the finest enzymes, vitamins, herbals, glandulars and specialty combination products available. We are proud to supply physicians and other professionals with the famous Univase™ and Univase Forte™ proteolytic enzyme products and Hypo Gestaid™ , Mega Gestaid™, and Toler Gestaid™ digestive aids, among many others. (*The Univase™ and Univase Forte™ names are new names for Megazyme** and Megazyme Forte**)

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Health-care professionals can obtain pricing information by contacting us by any of the methods listed on the Contact Information page. Press the underlined hyperlink above or the button at left.

Further product information can be obtained on the Catalog (available to all) and Online Shopping (available to registered health care professionals and their registered authorized users ONLY!) pages or the Ingredient Cross Reference page (currently under construction) also on the hyperlink or the menu at left.

Consumers, YOU CANNOT ORDER DIRECT! We distribute through health care professionals who know how best to use our products. We will be happy to try and find a professional carrying our products near you. Call us or look on our Distributors page.

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Please be aware that simply creating a username and password will not automatically make you eligible to use the Online Shopping section of the website. Your information supplied at registration will be reviewed by a website administrator and then you will be assigned “Professional” or other authorized status if you qualify. Only those who have been assigned “Professional” or other authorized status can order from the Online Shopping section. If you try to “back door” by directly entering a product page URL you won’t be allowed to access the shopping cart unless you have “Professional” status.

Here’s the problem- we have to know you’ve registered in order to review your information. Therefore, you must contact us by phone (800-630-4534 or 614-794-1594) or email ( and give us your username (the password is NOT necessary and should be kept secret) so that we know what username to convert to the proper status. 

If you have been directed to our site by a physician who has made arrangements with us you must register and have your username account converted to “Professional” or other authorized status as well. The same procedure applies to you. MAKE SURE TO TELL US WHO YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IS IN YOUR BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION. We can’t properly assign the correct account designation and discount without knowing who your provider is.

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This process only takes a few minutes when we have the proper information.

(**Megazyme is a registered trademark of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.)

It has come to our attention that there are products being distributed under the name “Univase Forte™” that are not distributed or supplied by Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc, nor are they licensed to use our trademarked name.

Univase™ and Univase Forte™ are trademarks of Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc and may only be distributed under that name if the product so named is supplied by Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc. and at no other time.

If you see this name on a label that does not contain the Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc’s logo then it is either a counterfeit or is our product distributed under license.

Please check the “Supplement Facts” label on any product without the Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc logo. If it does not look like the panel below-

If the panel doesn’t look like the above then it isn’t Univase Forte but is a COUNTERFEIT! Please inform us of any counterfeits immediately so we can take action to have the sale of those products stopped immediately!

Please contact us at with questions or comments.

If you sent us an email between about 9:00 PM (EST) 12/13/18 and 3:45 PM (EST) 12/14/18 please resend it. We lost an email server temporarily between those times and dates and the emails were lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If this is what you looked like after trying to reach us by phone for the last few days then we would like to say we’re VERY sorry. We’ve had some phone trouble. Well, really we’ve had MAJOR phone trouble.

We use cell technology here and when it works it’s great. When it doesn’t, well…not so great. We’re mostly fixed here but our provider’s technicians still look like this poor fellow below on a couple of issues that have no direct impact on our making and receiving phone calls. So our issues are fixed for now.

Oh, yes, we had similar problems on land lines. So, old technology isn’t necessarily the solution. The reliability seems to be the same. Only the problems are different.

NEWS FLASH! It’s winter. And that means it’s time to provide maximum support for your immune system. We have a formula designed to give your immune system maximum support and help take the worry out of a long, hard, cold winter.

Virex Complex is chock full of potent immune system support ingredients like grapefruit seed extract, echinacea, olive leaf extract, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, zinc, vitamin D3, etc.

The best part is that until March, 2017 it’s 20% off regular wholesale price.

Product ingredient details available HERE


But that’s not all! Also until March 2017 we have one of our most popular digestive aids, Mega Gestaid, on sale 20% off the regular wholesale price.

Mega Gestaid is one of our finest two-phase digestive support products (we make 2 others, Hypo Gestaid and Toler Gestaid). This product provides a more target support than the simpler Hypo Gestaid but is a slightly simpler aid than the more target Toler Gestaid. This product is potent support for the most important aspect of digestion, the stomach and upper gut. Mega Gestaid is more potent and has a more sophisticated enzyme delivery method than Hypo Gestaid. And now you get to try it at a deep discount.

Product ingredient details available HERE

If you are a registered health care professional then please proceed to our online shopping section to place your order or call us at 800-630-4534. You can also email us at to order or to have your online order registration activated.

USPS…we have to.

If you haven’t heard there has been a HUGE increase in the cost of postage. We don’t really know why they did it and the amounts of the increase are staggeringly large.

What it all means is that the cost of freight is going through the ceiling and our freight, which has been the same since the early 2000’s, has to go up.

As of Tuesday January 19, 2016 the new flat-rate for shipping is $7.50.

Sorry! We don’t like it either.