I’ve seen formulations that look a lot like your enzyme formulations but the label says the serving size is 2 tablets. Is it the same as yours?

That’s a good question. The answer is NO! If the serving size is 2 (two) tablets then the strength of those tablets is actually half that of our product IF we are listed with a serving size of 1 (one) tablet (most products).

 Can you explain that? I’m not sure why that is.

Sure.  The labeling regulations allow the designation of a serving size. The serving size (for instance 2 tablets) determines what goes on the “Supplement Facts” section of the label (usually on the right side of the label). If the serving size is 2 tablets then the regulation allows you to list the ingredients contained in 2 tablets. If the serving size is 3 tablets then the amount listed on the label is the amount contained in 3 tablets.

We usually (but not always. Please read labels carefully) list our products  as a single tablet or capsule. That cuts confusion for the customer.

Unfortunately, the confusion surrounding the interpretation of labels allows unscrupulous competitors to attempt to counterfeit our product with similar looking ingredient lists but having a serving size of 2 or even 3 tablets, actually containing 1/2 to 1/3 of the same ingredients as most of our products.

Other products claim to have the same amount or even more of some enzymes than you have. Are they more potent than yours?

Great question. The answer is not necessarily. Enzyme activity is measured in units of activity, not weight. Some manufacturers try to make their product look more potent by claiming large weights without activity units. But what they should really be reporting (as we do on our enzyme products) is total activity units per serving size (almost always  1 capsule or tablet, unlike competitors). Many of our competitors will simply refuse to answer the question of the activity units per capsule or tablet knowing that they have far less potency than our product. Remember- enzyme weight is meaningless without activity units per weight unit listings. Don’t get caught in the weight reporting scam. Ask about activity units.

Can I set up an account with you?

There are some specific criteria for becoming a distributor of our product.

  1. You must be a licensed, certified or otherwise recognized health care professional and be able to provide documentation to that effect.
  2. Once we have your proof of licensure or certification then we will set up an account and you may order via telephone, email, or online here.
I registered on your sight but I can’t see  your online shopping section. Is it broken?
No. In order to view the Online Shopping section you must be a registered health care professional, be registered for a login name and password, AND be certified by a website administrator with a “Professional” designation. That will allow you to view online shopping and use the shopping cart. This usually takes just a few minutes after we know you have registered and certified as a qualifying customer.
I am a health care professional. How can I shop online?

 If you have provided the documentation we require and have registered for your login name and password then contact us to convert your account to “Professional” status. Once you are registered as a professional you are free to use the online shopping section and shopping cart.

But, I’m not a health care professional. Why can’t I buy directly from you?

We prefer to distribute our product through health care professionals who can guide you properly in their use. Frankly, we feel it is actually more beneficial and economical for you to use our products under the supervision, or with the advice of someone who understands what you’re dealing with and how best to use the product.

Where can I buy your product if I’m not a health care professional?

Please look at our distributors page. The list is never complete, merely a representation of where you can buy products close to you or conveniently for you. If you already have a practitioner who you want to carry our products then have them contact us. Setting up a professional account is quick and easy.

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