Weekly Special- Oct 20-Oct 30- Co-Enzyme Q10 Softgels

What’s “new” about Co-Enzyme Q10 Softgels? Well a couple of things.

First– The formulation has changed. We are now using a brand-new form of Co-Enzyme Q10- Ubiquinol. It has the advantage of being considerably more absorbable and more absorbable means more effective- up yo 4 times more effective than the old ubiquinone form of the same product.

Second-The price. That’s right we’ve given Co-Enzyme Q10 Softgels a new low price. And for the next few days (Oct. 20-31) the price is even lower- there’s a 10% discount! Why? So you’ll try it.

If you’re shopping online use the coupon code “CQC,” if you’re calling in an order we’ll just subtract it automatically.

If you’re a registered website user and have the “Professional” designation click on the picture to go to the online store to place an order. Not registered as a “Professional” yet? Just register on the sidebar in the “Login” box and either drop us an email or give us a call to confirm your status. We’ll assign you the proper designation then you can shop online.