Univase Forte and Univase Update

Univase Forte 400 countWhere are they?

At our last status update we reported on dates which we were given for delivery of both Univase™ Forte and Univase™. We believed, based on information given to us by our manufacturer, that we would be receiving both Univase™ Forte and Univase™ around the end of September 2013. That date range has come and gone and we have continued to make further inquiries into when we could expect delivery of the new Univase™ Forte and Univase™. This is a report on what we have to date. Obviously, the delivery dates are delayed.

Why are the products delayed?

Currently, there is a world-wide shortage of one of the key ingredients of Univase™ Forte and Univase™. High-potency pancreatin is in short supply due to the actions of a major raw material supplier in the international market who distributed pancreatin contaminated with an antibiotic.

This has created a shortage situation. All of the companies who now use pancreatin as a raw material are competingUnivase 200-count for the existing and future supplies of the pure raw material. That means long delays and increased expense, not to mention increased testing to insure the purity of the raw materials.

While our manufacturer does not use this supplier they felt it necessary, and we agreed, that the raw materials needed additional testing which required additional time. Frankly, we’d greatly prefer to deal with a delivery delay than a recall. We are happy to report that all raw materials for both Univase™ Forte and Univase™ are now in house and fully tested for purity and potency to our and our manufacturers satisfaction. Manufacturing is now scheduled to begin.

 So, when will it arrive?

According to the time range we have right now (it could change for the better) from our manufacturer is that we should expect arrival of both products here somewhere between November 21-December 4, 2013.  If we can negotiate a more advantageous time (and we are working feverishly to do this) we will announce it immediately.