Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets- ANNOUNCEMENT!

Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been able to negotiate with suppliers price concessions that allow a VERY large increase in the package size of 50 mg Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets while at the same time lowering the price.

While the former bottles contained 60 tablets, now each bottle now contains 100 tablets. That’s a 67% increase in content!

The new price for 100 tablets is now 56% lower than the old price for 60 tablets.

Sixty-seven per-cent more Co-Enzyme Q10 tablets with a 56% lower price than the old package simply makes the new package an unbeatable bargain!

And, putting Co-Enzyme Q10 into the sublingual form means that absorbtion into the bloodstream is quicker and far more efficient than simply swallowing a tablet, capsule or softgel.

Give Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets a try!