Changes Coming To Univase


From time to time it becomes necessary to update formulations. The time for that has come for our Univase formula. We have been working on a re-formulation for some time now and our work is coming to fruition in this reformulation.

 So, what’s changing?

The new Univase will still contain nearly all of the old ingredients. We removed rutin due to  food sensitivity issues in a number of customers. It was a minor player in the old formula. The new Univase will be in specially enteric coated capsules instead of the tablets it has been delivered in.

Why capsules?

For many years we have been getting requests to put this formula in capsules. We simply couldn’t comply because the technology to protect capsule contents from the gastric juices in the stomach just wasn’t fully developed.

The advantages of capsules are many. There is no loss of enzyme activity due to heat of compressing tablets. There are fewer excipients (binders, fillers, granulating agents, etc. ) required to make the tablet hold together on the outside of the body and break apart in the correct spot on the inside of the body. In other words,  make the product work as it should. Capsules are, for many people, easier to swallow. The only disadvantage is size because tablets compress the ingredients and usually have a smaller footprint. We have also taken advantage of newer technology that allows us to use more concentrated forms of our raw materials and make the capsules actually smaller than tablets have been in the recent past.

Now we can report that the technology is developed to the point where we can deliver the product to you in capsule form with at least an equal, and in our opinion greatly improved, strength and quality. Thus we can now take advantage of that improved technology to bring you the most powerful and advanced proteolytic enzyme formulation available.

Other changes

We know that many people hate it when things change. But we assure everyone that it is time for the changes. So what exactly is changing? Well, first we have added an enzyme- Natto-Kinase. Natto-Kinase is a potent and highly active enzyme extracted from soy. It has only recently become widely available and we have been able to obtain a supply at a reasonable price. Having researched this enzyme we decided it was time to add this to our powerful Univase formulation. We already added Natto-Kinase to our Univase Forte formulation over a year ago and we have been quite pleased with the feedback we are receiving from our regular customers for that product.

Second, we added N-Acetylcysteine. This is an important component of a short-chain amino acid called L-Glutathione (already contained in Univase). This is a VERY important component in any enzyme formulation. N-Acetylcysteine helps the human body make its own L-Glutathione which is a key to activating proteolytic enzymes.

Third, we have greatly increased the strength of Super-Oxide Dismutase (SOD). SOD is a powerful enzyme in reducing the damaging super-oxide radical that is present whenever there is tissue damage and inflammation. SOD helps keep the surrounding tissue from sustaining damage from this free-radical.

Will there be a price increase?

Yes, there will be an increase in the price. Improvements are not cheap, but they aren’t as expensive as you might think. We haven’t had a price increase on Univase in nearly 20 years and we will continue to work to keep pricing as low as possible.