Surprise-computerWhen we were hacked last week we added some software to beef up security. Unfortunately, it also made some of the software for logging into the website not work anymore.

So we’ve managed to get a new system up and working and we are continuing to work to make certain that kind of hack doesn’t happen again.

Please let us know at the email address provided at several places on the site if you are having log in trouble.

HackedIf you notice that things look different and noticed that we were not online for a couple of days it’s because we were hacked.

We’ve now fixed all (most?) of the damage and have taken even more security precautions than we had taken previously and we’re up and running.

Don’t worry about online orders. No one got to any of that information because we don’t host any of the credit card processing or information here. That’s part of the reason we use Pay Pal to process online orders. It is VERY secure. The only thing that got hurt was our pride. Oh, and our website.

We’ve had a number of inquiries lately claiming that this competitor or another has a competing product (this is especially true of our UnivaseTM and UnivaseTM Forte enzyme products) that is “exactly the same strength” but MUCH less expensive. Often the claims are that the price for this product is actually close to or below what it costs to make our product.

In almost every case, when we investigate we find that a trick, a “sleight-of-hand,” has been used to make it appear as if the product is “exactly the same strength but MUCH less expensive.” Like a magician, the competitor has used a misdirection to make the customer believe he sees something he really doesn’t see. What is this trick?

It is the “Serving Size” trick. As we explain in our flyer How To Read An Enzyme Label this is a method that manufacturers sometimes use (not always) to make their product look more competitive than it really is, that is they create an illusion of competitiveness.

Here’s how to tell if this is being done. First look at the labels of 2 or more products. If they claim to have the same strengths quickly look at the label under the “Serving Size” which on a standard label is underneath “Supplement Facts” in the upper left corner of the ingredient section of the label. If product A says the serving size is 1 tablet/capsule while product B says 2 tablets/capsules then product B is actually only 1/2 the strength of product A. If product C says the serving size is 3 tablets/capsules then product C is 1/3 the strength of product A.

What does this mean to the cost? Well, lets look at the cost of product A. We’ll assign an arbitrary figure of $50.00 to it. Let’s say that product B is $30.00. But remember that you have to have twice as much product to get the same strength as Product A. So, while product B looks MUCH cheaper it is actually significantly more expensive because it costs $60.00 for the amount required to match product A which costs $50.00. Lets say product C costs $25.00. But remember again that it takes 3 times as much product C to equal product A. That means that product C costs $75.00 to product A which costs $50.00.

Almost every time we get one of these complaints we look beyond the visual trickery and find that the product which claims to be “exactly the same strength but MUCH less expensive” is really significantly more expensive than ours. Don’t get caught in a bad “Rabbit From The Hat” trick like Bullwinkle. Read the labels carefully.


arths6m We are happy to announce that we are once again shipping Arthritis Complex HS.

Arthritis Complex HS is currently available in 100 count packages only, eliminating the 60 count and 180 count packages.

We are also very pleased to announce that the per tablet price for Arthritis Complex HS has actually DROPPED! A rare thing in the last few years.