It has come to our attention that there are products being distributed under the name “Univase Forte™” that are not distributed or supplied by Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc, nor are they licensed to use our trademarked name.

Univase™ and Univase Forte™ are trademarks of Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc and may only be distributed under that name if the product so named is supplied by Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc. and at no other time.

If you see this name on a label that does not contain the Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc’s logo then it is either a counterfeit or is our product distributed under license.

Please check the “Supplement Facts” label on any product without the Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc logo. If it does not look like the panel below-

If the panel doesn’t look like the above then it isn’t Univase Forte but is a COUNTERFEIT! Please inform us of any counterfeits immediately so we can take action to have the sale of those products stopped immediately!

Please contact us at with questions or comments.