VasculaseAnother revision and improvement of an existing formulation. Vasculase is already a top seller. Why? Because of its ability to help the clients bodies get the job done! So why the revision of an already GREAT formulation? Because we believe these revisions will make the product even better!

We have been working closely with another company whose specialty is the distribution of chelation products and wanted an oral support adjunct to help their process work even better. After doing extensive research into ingredients and reading new research we realized that Vasculase’s powerful combination of nutrients would be just what they were looking for with the addition of Iodine in 2 forms (ionic and diatomic). In addition to the powerful nutrients that Vasculase already contains we have also added a small amount of EDTA.

virexcmYes, we often update products long after we’ve designed them. Virex Complex is no exception. This revision of an already GREAT formulation (if your repeat purchases are any indication) is the second time in the relatively short life of this product (first introduced in early 2000). First we added mangosteen extract after extensive research into its effectiveness in supporting the body in fighting off viruses and other infection.

Now, 4 years later and after doing extensive research into ingredients and reading new research we are adding 1000 IU per capsule of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). That’s the natural form of Vitamin D and the only truly active form. Much research has been done on this once neglected nutrient regarding its power in supporting the human immune system, especially in fighting off colds, flu and other viruses and infections. We believe this will make Virex Complex the supplement of choice in anti-viral, anti-infection and immune system support!

TG1Due to numerous requests we are changing our Toler Gestaid digestion support product. Don’t worry, we aren’t changing the formulation. We are only changing the size of the tablet. Many of our users are parents who had to break the tablets in half for their children. Other customers asked for score lines because so many of their clients only needed half a tablet.

So, being able to add two plus two to get four here at the office, we decided that making the tablet half-strength and packaging it in a 200 count size made much more sense. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Look for the new tablet size to be available in a month or so.

And like everything else we do here we’d like your feedback. This company exists to meet the needs of you and your clients. The changes so early in the life of this product bear this philosophy out.

Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been able to negotiate with suppliers price concessions that allow a VERY large increase in the package size of 50 mg Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets while at the same time lowering the price.

While the former bottles contained 60 tablets, now each bottle now contains 100 tablets. That’s a 67% increase in content!

The new price for 100 tablets is now 56% lower than the old price for 60 tablets.

Sixty-seven per-cent more Co-Enzyme Q10 tablets with a 56% lower price than the old package simply makes the new package an unbeatable bargain!

And, putting Co-Enzyme Q10 into the sublingual form means that absorbtion into the bloodstream is quicker and far more efficient than simply swallowing a tablet, capsule or softgel.

Give Co-Enzyme Q10 Sublingual Tablets a try!