ArtholMRocky Fork Formulas now has the ORIGINAL Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) product in the store. This product, first discovered and isolated by Harry Diehl a researcher at the National Institutes of Health in the Laboratory of Chemistry of the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolic, and Digestive Diseases.

Many claim that they have CMO, but no one makes a product that works as well as the original Diehl formulation. And that’s why we use one from the only laboratory licensed with Harry Diehl’s patent to produce Artholeate.

This is an excellent product for support of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.

tgThanks to one of our good friends, Janice Betz RN of Healthy Journey, we are proud to announce that a new enzyme-based digestive aid is being added to our product line.

Toler Gestaid will contain a proprietary blend of enzymes, herbs, minerals and other nutrients designed specifically to provide the nutritional support that people with food allergies need to properly absorb and assimilate.

Have a patient that needs support for food tolerance issues? Give Toler Gestaid a test run.

This product should be available in just a couple of weeks.

RegulaxAn improved version of Regulax is on the way!

Many of you requested that the Senna Leaves be removed due to a number of undesirable properties. And we have done just that.

The new and improved

Rocky Fork Formulas, IncRocky Fork Formulas, Inc. is dedicated to providing health-care professionals with the highest quality supplements at the best possible price. We provide the finest enzymes, vitamins, herbals, glandulars and specialty combination products available. We are proud to supply physicians and other professionals with the famous Univase™ and Univase Forte™ proteolytic enzyme products and Hypo Gestaid™ , Mega Gestaid™, and Toler Gestaid™ digestive aids, among many others. (*The Univase™ and Univase Forte™ names are new names for Megazyme** and Megazyme Forte**)

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Consumers, YOU CANNOT ORDER DIRECT! We distribute through health care professionals who know how best to use our products. We will be happy to try and find a professional carrying our products near you. Call us or look on our Distributors page.

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Here’s the problem- we have to know you’ve registered in order to review your information. Therefore, you must contact us by phone (800-630-4534 or 614-794-1594) or email ( and give us your username (the password is NOT necessary and should be kept secret) so that we know what username to convert to the proper status. 

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(**Megazyme is a registered trademark of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.)